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In a forward moving and continually expanding business landscape, it can be difficult to stay on track and prevent losing sight of your goals and objectives. When your growth is limited by your capacities on multiple levels, an expertise-driven Remote PMO is the key to a structured, organized, and successful project support and product launch.

Why choose this Remote PMO plan?

Our Advanced Remote PMO provides comprehensive data and backs up your business needs with a task force of highly experienced consultants.

We are committed to supporting your projects and enhance your strategic planning by providing valuable insights based on our WAGILE™ governance framework and standardized Key Performance Indicators tailored to fit your strategic directions.

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Strategic Plan & Schedule
Risk Management
Meeting Management
Financial Planning
KPI & Status Reporting
Advanced Remote PMO Service

Comprehensive data processing and experienced consultants.

Project support and enhanced strategic planning.

Implementation of WAGILE™ governance framework.

Customization of Key Performance Indicators for your strategic goals.

If you wish more input for your financials and planning, we provide additional insights, based on WAGILE™ standard KPIs.

Risk Management


Risk management is often seen as a separate process from decision-making, which can lead to risks not being properly considered or mitigated. Risk management tasks should be integrated into existing business processes, such as project management, financial planning, and strategic planning.



Decision-makers should be aware of the different types of risks that can impact the business, and how to identify, assess, and mitigate those risks. Our Remote PMO team is experienced and equipped with a variety of risk management tools and techniques to provide information, ensuring that decision-makers receive timely and well-informed insights to enhance their decision-making process.

KPI Status Reporting


Companies struggle with aligning its performance measurement approach. KPI and OKR misalignment can lead to teams working towards the wrong goals or measuring the wrong metrics. KPIs must be aligned with OKRs and measure the right things. 


Carefully considering the team’s goals and choosing metrics that will track progress towards those goals is crucial. Our Advanced Remote PMO implements a combined approach to effectively track ongoing performance while focusing on achieving specific, time-bound objectives. This dual approach ensures that the organization monitors its overall health while driving targeted growth and innovation.

Check the most fitting plan for you


Basic Remote PMO Services offer the possibility to introduce a standard and to build the basis for scalability.


Advanced Remote PMO Services provide comprehensive data and back up your business on multiple levels with a task force of highly experienced personnel.


Premium Remote PMO Services offer extensive support across all facets of project management, spanning strategic planning and cost efficiency.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance Services for Remote PMO take over daily office tasks in a short amount of time and keep everything on track.

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