E&P is a ClimatePartner certified company

At E&P, we’re not just talking about climate, we’re taking action!

As ClimatePartner certified company, we have committed ourselves to a transparent annual calculation of our carbon footprint.

We have also defined a reduction target, which we aim to achieve with the help of various major and minor measures.

As compensation for our emissions, we are investing in carefully selected projects that make a real difference.

E&P commitment

Reduction of emission

by 5% until 2026*

*Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, reduction per employee (Switzerland, Germany, UK) in the period of 2022-2026

Reduction Goal

We are on a mission to cut our emissions by 5% from 2022 to 2026. Every step counts, and we’re taking them boldly!

We’re striving for ZERO emissions, by avoiding generation of greenhouse gases wherever possible. Because every action, no matter how small, adds up to a big impact. If prevention of emissions is not possible, we endeavour to reduce them to a minimum.

Reduction Measures

This is how we plan on making a positive impact:

Since 2022
Reuse IT Assets
Reusable Corporate Gifts
Completely Remote Operations
Sustainability as Part of Code of Conduct
Paperless Operations
Starting 2024
Limitation National Flights
BahnCard and E-cars
Annual Report on Emissions
Employee Education
Digital Business Cards

Emission Calculation

We’re not just looking at what’s obvious. We calculate all three emission scopes to get the full picture, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Together with ClimatePartner, we calculated our carbon footprint for 2022 which was a total of 49.400,07 kg.

Our primary goal is to reduce our emissions. However, we know that for now there will always be a remaining part that we cannot avoid or further reduce. That is why we offset 100% of our annual emission by supporting relevant climate protection projects in Germany and worldwide.

E&P emitted

49.4 t CO2

in 2022*

*including scope 1,2, and 3 emissions of the Swiss, German and UK E&P companies

E&P Compensation Measures

These are the projects E&P is financially committing to, in order to compensate the excessive emissions.

1 t CO2 + 1 tree, International + Germany

Climate protection + planting project

1 t CO2 + 10 kg plastic, Global

Climate + ocean protection

Zoba Maekel, Eritrea

Clean drinking water

E&P is fully accessible and transparent

We are accountable of our climate data and action and we passionately make responsible life choices. That’s because these are part of the values which we fully embrace and commit to.


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